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Why Buy Milron?

Aluminum Bodies

5052 Aluminum bodies last 3 times longer than competing steel bodies
Aluminum allows Milron to offer products for a wide range of chassis and stay light!
Crane bodies have the same ft/lb rating as their steel counterparts but are lighter and resist elements much better!

Paint Process & Leading Warranty

Straight from welding to powder coat. No body filler is ever used
5 year paint warranty

Highest Quality Parts & Processes

Wire harnesses are computer tested before install
Bodies are rain tested before completion
Front caps protect side packs
Hinges have a 70,000 use life cycle (no barn door hinges)

Product Lineup

9 Series
Individual Drawer Packs
Truck Bodies - Milron 6 Series Body

6 Series

Truck Bodies - Milron 8 Series Body

8 Series

Truck Bodies - Milron 9 Series DRW Body

9 Series DRW

Truck Bodies - Milron 9 Series SRW Body

9 Series SRW

Truck Bodies - Milron 11 Series Body

11 Series

Truck Bodies - Milron Contractor Truck Bodies

Contractor Bodies

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