Guide to Linings Inc. Truck Bed Liners

Industrial Heavy Duty Truck bed lining

There are many good reasons why bed liners are one of the most popular truck accessories. A liner won’t just protect your bed against dents, scratches, rust, and other forms of damage that can impair your truck’s functionality, lower its resale value, and shorten its lifespan. A liner protects cargo by preventing it from sliding or shifting around. It provides shock absorption, which in turn mitigates gradual damage caused by vibration. Finally, a truck bed liner will enhance your truck’s appearance. Practicality is most important, of course, but no one is opposed to the idea of driving around a handsomer truck!


Renegade Truck Equipment serves people who do hard jobs day in, day out. Our clients expect their truck liners to work just as hard as their trucks do, which is why we are an authorized dealer of Linings, Inc. They are an industry leader, whose proprietary Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) material is tough, dependable, and surprisingly lightweight. They offer a range of products that satisfy any professional’s heavy-duty needs. They are also a proudly American company headquartered in Ravenna, OH.


Choosing the best Linings, Inc. truck bed liner is easy. With three product lines to choose from, the best bed liner for your vehicle and line of work is just within reach.




The QuickSilver poly liner offers an outstanding balance of durability, protectivity, and versatility. It boasts exceptional resistance to corrosion, and when it is cooled to -100 °F it still withstands impact without breaking or cracking – the reason why Linings, Inc. confidently backs the QuickSilver with a lifetime non-prorated warranty. 


Whether it is installed in a dump truck, gravel train or transfer trailer, the QuickSilver prevents loads from sticking to or chewing up the bed. It is just as compatible with hot asphalt as it is a wide range of aggregates, and it remains effective in scorching hot and freezing cold temperatures alike.




Don’t let the Durapro’s surprisingly low upfront cost fool you. Despite weighing only one-eighth as much as a steel alternative, the Durapro combines superior resistance to impact, corrosion and abrasion with the ability to dramatically accelerate your work. 


The Durapro significantly reduces frustrating aggregate carry-back whether you’re hauling sand, dirt, gravel or clay, and it virtually eliminates the need for shoveling. Even coal fly ash and sticky fertilizer slide right off it! The Durapro is compatible with dump trailers, dump bodies, bottom dumps, gravel trains and transfer dumps, and can be seamlessly applied to floors and walls alike.




Named after a certain comic book behemoth who shares its green color, the HAULK is no less incredible. This specially formulated UHMW-PE heavy-duty dump truck bed liner grows no worse for wear whether it hauls riprap, pig iron, automotive shredder residue, or any other heavy and abrasive materials. 


The HAULK costs and weighs half as much as traditional stainless steel alternatives, so it’s tough on everything except for your bottom line. Despite its uncanny resistance to impact, corrosion and abrasion, the HAULK is not rated for materials hotter than 180 °F, which precludes it from hot asphalt transport applications. 


Choose Renegade Truck Equipment for All Your Truck Bed Lining Needs

Renegade Truck Equipment of Richmond, MN offers the entire catalog of Linings, Inc. products to operators and other professionals throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota. We can quickly tailor the ideal bed liner to any heavy-duty vehicle, and we’re standing by to explain which liner is best suited to your unique hauling needs. We welcome you to contact us today for more information and a free estimate!