The SnowDogg VXFII Commercial Duty V Plow: Ready for the Midwest’s Heaviest Snowfall

SnowDogg VXF Snowplow

Do you earn your living by keeping the roadways, driveways, and parking lots safe and easy to navigate? Or do you simply need an effective solution for clearing your own private property during the wintertime? No matter your needs, consider the SnowDogg VXFII Commercial Duty V Plow by Buyers Products your secret weapon!

What makes the SnowDogg VXFII the top dog in truck plows? It’s outstanding versatility, durability, reliability, and convenience, of course! Here are the performance-enhancing features that will make your life easy whenever the sky decides to hammer us with snow!

Fit for nearly all trucks. The VXFII is suitable for all 3/4-ton trucks with plow prep, as well as 1-ton and heavier trucks. Whether you drive a Ford F-150 or F-250, Chevy Silverado 1500 or 2500, or Ram 1500 or 2500, the VXFII will fit and operate just like it was designed by your truck’s manufacturer.

Switch modes with the push of a button. Want to switch from straight blade mode to V or scoop without needlessly dragging out the project? Busting through dense snow and navigating tight spaces is as easy as pushing a button! And thanks to the VXFII’s high-powered double-acting angle cylinders, back-dragging snow is easy as pie.

Triple edge design. That’s edgy! The VXFII overcomes obstacles with ease, and excels at plowing paved, dirt and gravel roadways alike. Even uneven roads present zero challenge to the VXFII’s indomitable blade.

Floating A-frame. Witness a blade that scrapes a road impressively clean by contouring it perfectly. The VXFII’s clever frame appreciably reduces edge wear as well.

Municipal-style chain lift. Stacks high. Adjusts easily. Saves you time and trouble, so you can get the job done right, fast.

Fully enclosed hydraulic power unit. Protected against abrasive grit, corrosive salt and other sources of gradual damage – but still easy to access courtesy of a generously sized maintenance panel.

304 stainless steel moldboard. Outstanding durability. Superior resistance to corrosion and oxidation. High tensile strength (621 MPa). A melting point of approximately 2,600 °F, which means you could theoretically plow molten lava if you really wanted to. There is little reason to wonder why 304 is the most popular grade of stainless steel on the market.

RapidLink Attachment System. Mount or dismount your VXFII in one minute or less! SnowDogg’s proprietary RapidLink Attachment System features a drop-leg and hydraulic jack switch that make it surprisingly convenient to fine-tune mount height on the fly. No more freezing while you prepare your rig for the task ahead!

Included accessories. A contoured poly snow deflector that protects your truck’s windshield. Wire reinforced blade guides that keep the plow’s edge trained on the road. A backlit controller that facilitates nighttime operation. SnowDogg truly keeps their customers’ convenience in mind.

Optional accessories. Add an extra 2′ of width to your VXFII by adding optional wings (part no. 16021712) or give yourself a nocturnal advantage by adding SnowDogg’s HX High Intensity Halogen (part no. 16160700A) or Illuminator LED (part no. 16160800) plow lights.

VXFII Commercial Duty V Plow Specifications







Blade Height



304 Stainless Steel



Angle Cylinders

1.5″ X 1.75″ X 12″

Lift Cylinder

2″ X 6″

Kingpin Size


Width at Angle







Trip Style


Cutting Edge

0.5″ X 6″


978 lb

998 lb





*Not including truck mount (40-80 lb)



Are you ready to take your plow game to a whole different level? Come visit Renegade Truck Equipment in Richmond, MN, or contact us today to learn why SnowDogg’s fine products are the best on the market. You’ll be glad you did when you’re absolutely annihilating snow this coming winter!